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Episode 09: Roslyn Talusan - Rape Culture at Work

On this episode of Slut or Nut: The Podcast, Kelly chats with survivor and activist Roslyn Talusan about sexual assault in the workplace and actions victim’s can take if they are assaulted at work.


Roslyn is also featured in the documentary film- Slut or Nut: The Diary of a Rape Trial.

Roslyn Talusan shares her experience of fighting for justice and fair treatment after she was raped by a coworker while working for the federal government of Canada.

You can find Roslyn on twitter at @rozzybox

And read Roslyn Talusan's writing here:

Roslyn Talusan on the left holding the Rapenomics Check.

Other links:

Rapenomics Demonstration

Rapenomocs with Mandi Gray

Rape, Who Actually Pays, by Mandi Gray

Further reading:

Books: Trauma and Recovery by Dr. Judith Herman

What one Rape Cost Our Family

This episode features music by Lora Bidner and Jennifer Holub.

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