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Episode 11: Simona Jelinek and Suing after a Sexual Assault or Sexual Abuse

On this episode of Slut or Nut: The Podcast, Kelly chats with sexual assault and personal injury lawyer Simona Jellinek about what it is like to sue in a civil suit if you have been sexually assaulted or sexually abused.

While victims of sexual assault often thing of going to the police to report a sexual assault, suing the person who abused or assaulted you, or suing the institution that hid or perpetuated your assault, or protected the perpetrator of the assault is also an option, and sometimes is an option that has better long term results for the survivor of the assault.

Simona discusses what it is like to go through the civil suit process, things to consider, the statute of limitations in civil cases, the impacts of childhood sexual abuse, historical assault cases, liabilities, damages, and the pros and cons of suing individuals and institutions who had a role in your sexual assault.

As the law around these sexual assault and sexual abuse in civil cases is constantly changing and varies significantly in different locations, we advise you to consult with a personal injury lawyer in your own area if you are considering pursuing a civil suit related to your sexual assault or related to past sexual abuse you may have experienced.

For more information on Simona Jellinek’s law firm and work:

For background on the Maple Leaf Gardens Sexual Abuse Scandal mentioned in this episode:…s-abuse-1.2838019

Further reading for survivors in the United States:…s-really-work/

This episode features music by Lora Bidner and Jennifer Holub.

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